Otium Wireless Earbuds Review (They’re Amazing)

Otium Wireless Earbuds

Otium Wireless Earbuds Review

Hey there, are you considering to buy new earbuds and looking for best earbuds under $50 then you are on the right place because here i am going to review the best wireless earbuds for under 50 and the name of those earbuds is Otium Wireless Earbuds (Review).

Today we’re going to know that are Otium Wireless Earbuds really worth your money or not. While they are very budget friendly earbuds, they’re best earbuds under $50 but we’ll see how does they perform. The sound quality, comfortability everything about Otium T21 Wireless Earbuds.

So now let’s start talking about Otium Wireless Earbuds.

Otium Wireless Earbuds Specs

Product Details
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range10m
Total Battery Life40 hrs
Battery Life Per Charge3-5 hrs
Earbuds Charging Time<2 hrs
Case Charging Time2 hrs
Earbuds Battery Capacity30mAh
Case Battery Capacity500mAh
Speaker Size6mm
Lowest Frequency
Highest Frequency
Voice Assistant SupportYes

Otium T21 Wireless Earbuds Review

So now let’s start talking about the best earbuds for under 50, Otium wireless earbuds. As i said before they are really great earbuds and also they are very budget friendly earbuds which you can buy under $50.


Otium T21 Wireless Earbuds are in ear wireless earbuds. As they are wireless, they come with bluetooth version 5.0 for wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity range is also good. You can walk up to 10 meters away from your phone.


They provide great battery life of up to 40 hours in total playtime. The earbuds come with 30mAh battery capacity and one charge will provide you up to 3-5 hours of playtime. While the charging time is less than 2 hours.

And the case come with 500mAh battery capacity. Which is able to provide you up to 40 hours of total playtime. Charging time of case is around 2 hours.


Sound quality of these earbuds is really great. They provide amazing sound. With Otium T21 you will listen high quality sound which is great for listening music, watching videos or movies. Otium T21 provide immersive listening experience.

The noise isolation of Otium T21 is also very good. If you are a traveler then this feature would help you a lot (in planes) while traveling. They are able to block out good amount of noise around you to give you the best & immersive listening experience.

Also the great thing is that you can control how much noise cancelling you need. Otium T21 come with 2 noise cancelling levels. You can choose one according to you. You can choose low noise cancelling level which is for everyday use, or you can choose full noise cancelling mode to block out good amount of noise around you and get the good music listening experience.


Comfortability of Otium T21 is very good. Otium T21 are built with lightweight materials and the earbuds are quite light. Which makes them easily to be used for long listening sessions. Also they are best fit in your ears. Otium T21 are perfect fit earbuds which makes them to be used for workouts. You can easily wear them and start jogging or workouts. Otium T21 are good earbuds for sports.


Otium T21 come with in-line microphone for calls and the great thing is that the microphone comes with noise cancelling. The other person won’t have any problems with your voice. The microphone will reduce the background noise so that you can have great and clear conversations.

Are Otium T21 Compatible with Gaming Consoles?

Yes, Otium T21 are compatible with almost all gaming consoles, like PS4 or Xbox One.

Do Otium T21 have Microphone?

Yes, Otium T21 come with an in-line microphone.

Do Otium T21 have good sound quality?

The sound quality of Otium T21 is actually very good.

Should You Buy Otium T21

Yes, i would say that they are really best wireless earbuds under for under 50. If you want to buy new earbuds then you should definitely consider buying Otium T21 as they are great earbuds.

Now if you want to know how much would Otium T21 cost you, then you can click on the button below to check their latest price.