JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Review

JBL Quantum 800 Review

JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Review

JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Review – So you want to buy new gaming headphones that has active noise cancelling. If yes then read this complete review because this is JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Review and here i will tell you how does the JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones perform? Should you spend your money on it or not? So let’s start.


Headphone TypeOver Ear
ConnectivityWireless, Bluetooth, Wired
Product Details
Adjustable HeadbandYes
Foldable Design
Rotatable EarcupsYes
Microphone Frequency Response100Hz-10kHz
Carry CaseNo
Control ButtonsYes
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range
Pair Multiple DevicesNo
Battery Life14 hrs
Charging Time2 hrs
Quick Charging
Battery Capacity1300mAh
USB Type CYes
Driver Size50mm
Lowest Frequency20Hz
Highest Frequency20kHz
Active Noise CancellationYes
Customization AppYes

JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Review


JBL Quantum 800 are wireless gaming headphones for gaming. Also you can use these as wired headphones to directly plug in and start playing games. They got adjustable headband. You can easily extend the size of headband to perfectly fit on your head. The earcups can be rotated, they are flat foldable. You can easily put it on your desktop table.

JBL Quantum 800 do not come with carrying case so if you want to take them somewhere then you have to put it in your bag. They are mostly made up with plastic. They also got control buttons like you can directly control the volume by the headphones.


JBL Quantum 800 are both wireless and wired headphones. For wireless connectivity, they use bluetooth version 5.0. Bluetooth version 5.0 is good for stable and good wireless connectivity. They can’t be connected to the multiple devices at the same time and also they don’t have NFC for fast pairing.

You can also use these headphones as wired one with the help of 1/8″ TRRS Cable which comes with them. They are compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and VR. While using 1/8″ TRRS Cable, you can directly plug into PC or PS4 Controller or Xbox One Controller.


Microphone quality of The JBL Quantum 800 is decent. The microphone could be more clearer and understandable. Well it’s usable but not very good. Microphone blocks out background noises, which is good but in more loud environment the microphone may not cancel lots of background noise. Well this wouldn’t be any problem for you at least if you play games at your home.


JBL Quantum 800 Headphones are pretty comfortable to wear. The clamp force is not too much. They are not very lightweight headphones but they’re not too heavy. You may feel some heavy on your head if you wear them for long hours.

They got adjustable headband that makes it perfectly fit on your head and also you can rotate their earcups. They have memory foam ear cushions which are very soft. Also the top padding is very soft and comfortable too. Overall the comfortability of JBL Quantum 800s is good.


The JBL Quantum 800 are bass heavy headphones, you might find them overly bloomy. Sound quality is good and sound is very clear. If you want to use different sound profile then you can easily do it by customizing the EQ Settings in the software. Thanks to the software you can customize the settings and get the best experience possible.

As you know that they are bass heavy headphones and their bass might feel overemphasized. Well some users prefer bass heavy headphones. Mids are perfect mids and highs are ok.

JBL Quantum 800 come with 50mm large drivers. Their frequency range is 20Hz-20kHz. 32ohms of impedance and 95dB of speaker sensitivity. These are some technical things but if you want to know about their sound quality then overall the sound quality is good.

Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling of The JBL Quantum 800 is very good. They come with active noise cancelling which works very well. The active noise cancelling feature is able to block out lots of outside noise like bus or plane engines so it’s noise cancelling will provide you best playing experience.


Battery life of JBL Quantum 800 is good. You can play games for up to 14 hours after completely charging them up which takes around 2 hours. They come with 1300mAh battery capacity and uses USB Type C for charging. But remember that you’ll only get 14 hours of battery life if you turn the active noise cancelling and rgb lights off. If you turn both of them on then the battery will last for just 8 hours.

Should You Buy JBL Quantum 800 Active Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones

So if you are considering to buy these headphones, you can see that the comfortability and sound quality is good and also they come with active noise cancelling to boost up your gaming experience by blocking out the background noise. Microphone is also good. So i would suggest that these are good headphones and worth buying. So if you are considering to buy these headphones then go for them.

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