Hostinger Pros And Cons – Cheap Web Hosting

Hostinger Pros And Cons - Cheap Web Hosting

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Hostinger Pros And Cons – Cheap Web Hosting

Hostinger Pros And Cons: So you are now ready to host a new website and started looking for the best web hosting provider that provides good hosting services under your budget. I mean a cheap web hosting. Then you are on the right place because today i am going to show you some pros and cons of hostinger hosting provider.

Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting provider out there and also hostinger is so cheap web hosting provider. Whether you want to host a new website or you want to migrate your website from your older host to any new host. In both cases hostinger will be a good option for you.

Hostinger Plans – Hostinger Pros And Cons

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So let’s start and know what are some pros and cons of hostinger.

Pros – Hostinger Pros And Cons

1: Host Multiple Websites

Except Single Shared Hosting Plan, you can host more than one website. That is a great thing because if you want to start more than one website then you don’t need to buy separate hosting plans for both of them. You just need to sign up for one hosting plan Premium or Business. And you can host up to 100 websites. Which is enough.

2: Free Email

With hostinger you can create your professional email for free. You don’t need to pay for it. Even in the cheapest plan Single Shared Hosting Plan, you can create one email account. Which is i know not enough but there are some hosting providers who don’t even let you create emails for free. So if compared to those hosting providers, hostinger is good because here you can at least create your free domain based email for free.

3: Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is so important nowadays. Because if you don’t have a valid ssl installed on your site, google might not let your website rank on the first page. Even if somehow users reaches your website then they will see a warning message and they won’t be able to access your site. And this is going to affect your entire business.

Hostinger understands this thing and that’s why it provides SSL for free even in the cheapest plan. So you don’t need to worry about the SSL, no matter which plan you choose to buy.

4: So Easy To Use

Where all the other hosting providers use cPanel, hostinger uses hPanel to manage your site. hPanel is you can say a customized version of cPanel, but hPanel is so easy to use. Even if you are buying hosting for the very first time. It won’t be so hard for you to learn how to work with hPanel. You can easily learn and use hPanel and manage your site.

5: Customer Support

Customer support is another thing that we should keep in mind while signing up for a new hosting. Because if you get any problem with your hosting or site, then you will ask your host to help and if your host’s customer support is not good then this might be a big problem for you and your site.

Hostinger has so responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. They are available 24/7 for you, just contact them wherever you stuck. They are able to help you, if you get stuck somewhere. Even you can contact them via live chat. Which is a great feature.

6: Free Domain

This is i think a great offer because if you want to start a new website then you don’t need to go anywhere and pay for the domain name. Because hostinger provides free domain for the first year. So for the first year you just need to pay for the hosting package and you will be able to claim the free domain and get your site started. But remember Single Shared Hosting Plan doesn’t offer free domain.

7: Best Performance

Hostinger has a great page loading speed. With hostinger your pages will load faster. And if you want to create your site on wordpress then you are going to get the great performance. Because all of hostinger’s plans including Shared Hosting Plans are greatly optimized for wordpress. So if you want to create a wordpress website then hostinger can be a good option for you.

8: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Suppose you have bought hostinger’s hosting plan and for some reason you are not satisfied with it’s features and want to get your money back. Then this is possible. Hostinger has 30 day money back policy. Means that if you don’t like their services, then you can ask your money back within 30 days. So this way you can try hostinger. And still if you don’t like what they offer then get your money back.

9: One Click WordPress Installation

For those, who want to start a wordpress website. Hostinger made it easy for you to install wordpress on your site without being a technical guru. You don’t need to know lots of technical stuff to install wordpress on your site. Just click on wordpress icon and enter some details like your site name and your username and password and click install. And your site will be ready to visit in minutes.

10: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger also has a good uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Because if your site will always be down then it will completely destroy your business. Your customers will run away from your site. No hosting provider can provide 100% uptime guarantee. But it is always best to go for a hosting provider who is so close to 100%.

11: Fast Loading With Cache Manager

Hostinger has come up with so many ways to improve your site’s performance. And one of them is hostinger’s cache manager. After enabling this, you will get some improvement in the speed and load time.

12: Affordable Prices

Hostinger’s prices are so cheap. It is so cheap web hosting if you consider to buy for long term plan. Anyone can easily afford it. The cheapest plan of hostinger is just $0.99/mo when you buy the hosting for 48 months. Which is super affordable. So if you have a tight budget and you can not spend lots of money then hostinger would be the best option for you.

13: Google Ads Credit

If you buy any plan above Single Shared Hosting, hostinger gives you $150 of google ads credit. So you can easily boost your site and start to get some traffic on your site right after building it.

14: SSD Storage

SSD Storages are known for the best performance and the best thing is that hostinger uses SSD Storage. Even if you choose to buy their cheapest web hosting plan. I mean Single Shared Hosting Plan. You will get SSD Storage. So you will definitely get some good performance.

Hostinger Cons – Hostinger Pros And Cons

1: No Daily Backups

Hostinger does not provide daily backups, which is i think not a good thing. Hostinger provides weekly backups over daily backups. But if you really want daily backups then you have to sign up for their Business Hosting Plan. If you don’t want to pay more money on the bigger plans then you have to keep your site running with weekly backups.

2: Tricky Prices

Although hostinger is so cheap web hosting provider but only when you buy their plan for long time. I mean if you buy their plan for 48 months then it will cost you $0.99/mo. But suppose you don’t need hosting for 48 months and you only want to buy it for shorter time. Like 1 month or 1 year. Then the cost will be higher.

3: Setup Fee

Hostinger has a good thing that you can buy their hosting plan for just 1 month. But the bad thing is that if you choose 1 month plan, you have to pay higher price of $9.99/mo. Plus there is a setup fee of $4.99. So if you want to buy hostinger for 1 month then it will cost you $14.98. Which does not worth it.

My Recommendation – Hostinger Pros And Cons

I have shown you lots of hostinger pros and cons. So after seeing all the above aspects. I will say that go for hostinger. Hostinger is a really great hosting provider. You will get the best performance with hostinger. It is a best and cheap web hosting provider.

I would recommend that if you want to buy Single Shared Hosting Plan for 1 year, then go for 2 year. Because it will only add some more bucks and you will get 2 years of hosting. And if you want you can go for 3 years plan. Which will going to save lots of money for you.

So Best Of Luck For Your Website.


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