[Best Hosting] HostGator Pros And Cons 2021

HostGator Pros And Cons

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[Best Hosting] HostGator Pros And Cons 2021

[Best Hosting] HostGator Pros And Cons 2021 – You want to host your website. And looking for a great hosting provider. Then you have definitely heard the name HostGator. Hostgator is so popular hosting provider out there. And if you are considering to buy hostgator hosting. Then you should know what are hostgator pros and cons.

Pros – HostGator Pros And Cons

1: 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Suppose you have signed up for hostgator. And after using it for some time, you feel that you are not satisfied with their services. In this case you get 45 days to get refund. You can test their services for 45 days and still if you have any problems you can get your money back.

2: Monthly Payment Options

Another great thing is that there is option to pay month by month. If you need a hosting package for just one month or you want it for 3 or 6 months then this option is available in the hostgator. But they will cost you much more money compared to yearly plans. So i will always recommend you to go for yearly plans but if you need hosting just for some months then you can sign up for their monthly plans.

3: One Click Software Install

Installing softwares like wordpress won’t be any issue for you. Because hostgator provides one click software installation. So you just need to fill some details and click the install button and then hostgator will automatically install wordpress on your site. You don’t need to learn lots of technical stuff.

4: 24/7 Support

If you get stuck anywhere with your hosting package, you can contact support for help. There are several ways to contact support. If you want you can call them and if you want to chat with them, then there is an option for live chat. And the support team is also very knowledgeable so they are able to help you if you stuck anywhere.

5: Great Uptime

Uptime is very important factor to see while signing up for a new hosting provider. Because if your site will always be down then there is no mean to choose that web hosting provider. And i want to say that hostgator has a great uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The best thing is that if the uptime falls down than 99.9%, then you will get one month credit for your hosting package.

6: Unmetered Storage & Bandwidth

Hoatgator does not limit how much storage or bandwidth you can use. So you can freely focus on creating a great website and you don’t need to look how much space is left.

7: Free Website Builder

Hostgator owns a website builder called Gator Website Builder. And the great thing is that you will get gator website builder for free with your hosting package. So you can easily create a beautiful website in minutes and lauch it.

8: Free SSL Certificate

Hostgator offers the SSL Certificate for free. You don’t need to worry about the loss of sales because of security reasons. And also google won’t take you down in their search results because of invalid SSL.

9: Google Ads & Bing Ads Credit

When you sign up for hostgator you get $150 google ads credit and $100 bing ads credit. So when you create and launch your website then you can give your site some exposure and start to get some traffic on your website.

10: Free Domain

You get a free domain when you sign up for a hosting plan. This is a good thing if you want to create a completely new website. So you don’t need to go anywhere for the domain name because you will get one for free on the hostgator. When you buy any hosting plan.

11: Easy To Use

Hostgator is so easy to use. It uses cPanel (Control Panel). cPanel is so easy to use. Even if you are new in the field of websites or you are buying hosting for the very first time, still you can learn and understand how to work with cPanel easily. And that’s why i am saying that it is so easy to use.

Cons – HostGator Pros And Cons

So now let’s talk what are some cons of using hostgator.

1: Tricky Prices

The first term is cheap but after the first term the prices become expensive upon renewal.

2: Upsells

Like some others, they also tick some options that you might not need. But that’s not a problem for you because you can easily untick those things that you don’t need and actually pay for that you need.


So i have shown you what are the pros and cons of using hostgator web hosting. And now if you ask me should you go for hostgator or not then i would suggest you to go for it. HostGator is really good hosting brand and you can easily set up and start your own website or blog.

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