Top Wireless Headphones For Kids With Mic 2021

Top Wireless Headphones For Kids With Mic 2021

Top Wireless Headphones For Kids

Top Wireless Headphones For Kids – Hey there, you want to buy new headphones for your kids then today i am going to suggest you some of the best Top Headphones For Kids With Mic. If you want to buy a new headphone for kids then you must look for some features like Volume Limiting that way kids can’t listen music too much loud and they don’t end up damaging their ears.

The best volume limit is 85DB, you should always look for headphones which has maximum volume of 85DB or the headphones should be comfortable so they don’t feel pain while listening music even if they listen songs for long time.

So let’s talk about what is the best headphone you can buy for your kids.

1 – Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone

  • 85DB volume limit
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

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Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone is the first headphone in our kids which you can choose to buy for your kids. This headphone is recommended for kids over 2 years of age. This headphone can protect your kids ears because they won’t be able to listen music too loud.

The volume limit of this headphone is 85DB and 85DB is known as safe loudness. But yeah you can increase the volume limit from 85DB to 110DB by pressing and holding Play/Pause button for 3 seconds and if kids are listen music in this volume then make sure they don’t listen for longer time.

As you know this headphone is a wireless bluetooth headphone and the range of this headphone is 10 meters. It means your kids can use this headphones and listen music under 10 meters of distance.

Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone comes with 40mm drivers and the sound quality of this headphone is really very great. With this headphones your kids can enjoy their favorite songs in amazing sound quality and also the noise cancellation of this headphone is effective.

Another factor to see when buying new wireless headphones is it’s battery life and Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone gives 8 hours of battery life or playtime. I know this playtime is not too much but it’s not that bad. But yeah you have another choice if you want to listen music for more than it’s battery life, more than 8 hours of playtime.

This headphone comes with AUX Cable. You just need to connect the AUX Cable to the headphones and your smartphone and then your kids can listen music unless they use all of their smartphone’s battery. This headphone is compatible with any device which has bluetooth. So your kids can listen songs using smartphones or tablets.

Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone is a foldable headphone which means if you are and your kids are travelling then the headphones can be folded and then you can put it in your bag so they won’t take much space. Also the headphones are so lightweight so they are not going to feel heavy on your kids head and it will be easy for you and your kids to take it anywhere.

This headphone is also so comfortable to wear. Even if your kids use this headphone for long time then they won’t feel pain in their ears. Midola Volume Limited 85dB /96dB Kids Headphone is super comfortable to wear. This headphone comes with a mic so your kids can talk on calls using this headphone.

With this headphone your kids can change the sound track without even touch the smartphone, they can pause the music and even if they receive any call then they can easily answer the call directly from the headphones. This is a great headphone for your kids. If you want to know more about it or if you want to buy this headphone then click the link below.

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