Best AKG Headphones To Buy

Best AKG Headphones

1: AKG Y400

AKG Y400 come with bluetooth version 5.0 and they have good wireless connectivity. They’re quite light in terms of weight and provide 20 hours of battery life. Also just 10 minutes of quick charge will fuel them up for 2 hours of use. They’re great value for money headphones.

2: AKG Y500 Wireless

AKG Y500 Wireless Headphones are on ear wireless headphones. They look really cool, they have great design. When you take the headphones off they will automatically pause the music. Sound is great and they provide 33 hours of battery life. 5 minutes of quick charge provides 1 more hour of playtime.

3: AKG Y50

AKG Y50 wireless headphones have very good, detailed and clear sound. They’re well built and are quite good when it comes to portability. You can easily take them on the go. They come in multiple different colors to choose from. Y50 wireless headphones are very lightweight and comfortable.

4: AKG K92

AKG K92 are very comfortable to wear headphones. They deliver very good clear and enjoyable sound. K92 are well built and value for money headphones. AKG K92 come with 40mm drivers and their frequency response is 16Hz-20kHz.

5: AKG N60NC Wireless

AKG N60NC Wireless Headphones are good noise cancelling headphones by AKG. Their noise isolation performance is good along with their good and well balanced sound. They’re very durable and provide up to 15 hours of battery life with ANC.